Jimmy Wayne Garrett was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. Music has always been an integral part of his life. In church it was hymnals sung by choir, at home his father would introduce him to artists such as The Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Being interested in music growing up eventually led to the tinkering of pianos that were at church or in the homes of family members, and also playing the trumpet for a few years in Middle School and Junior High. At the age of 13, he began to learn to play the guitar on a century-old classical guitar that his grandfather, Jim Lane Garrett, bought for him at an auction almost a decade earlier. At 17, after being previously involved with a band at his church as a budding musician, he started writing songs and playing with groups that were outside of church.


  Since then, he has been performing in Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding area. He has also been invited to compete at the International Blues Challenge twice. Once as the guitarist for West Street Blues Band, and once as a solo act. He has released two solo albums, and an album with a 3 piece band. 



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